Can you believe that an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year across the globe? What this means is that we’re killing about one million seabirds and 100,000 marine creatures every year, and not only that, but this plastic is also finding its way into our food systems. Food and beverage containers are one of the most common forms of garbage to enter our oceans. 

With that being said, at Ocean’s Halo we strive to minimize the amount of waste produced from each of our products so that we can help preserve our beautiful planet. We are happy to partner with progressive suppliers, like Tetra Pak, to reduce our post-consumer waste streams. We use Tetra Pak packaging for our line of Vegan Broths because it does a great job of protecting our delicious recipes longer… allowing our fans and retail partners plenty of time to enjoy and thus less food waste for the planet. The packaging is built using paper sourced from Sustainably Managed Forests.  Another reason we love Tetra Pack? They are doing amazing work using their packaging to promote nutritional health across the globe, reaching 72 million students in 58 countries last year! Check out their 2018 Sustainability Report to learn more about their Sustainability initiatives. 

We ask you, as a consumer, to please recycle our packaging after enjoying Ocean’s Halo products to shape a healthier and happier future for our planet. We are happy to incorporate smarter food packaging into our brand, and we thank Tetra Pak for making that possible! 

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