Simple seaweed sheets packed with unique flavors, vitamins & minerals, perfect for snacking, adding to soups & salads, or rolling your own sushi at home!

Introducing Ocean’s Halo Trayless Seaweed Snacks!

  • Finally, less packaging for consumers
  • 4x more shelf efficiency for retailers
  • Less carbon footprint, less water to manufacture plastic, and the same amount of seaweed
  • No more single-use plastic trays for our oceans and our planet

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Rice, Noodles & Bowls

From big bowls of noodles and soup in plant fiber bowls, to rice and noodles you can take home and cook with, we’ve got you covered. All organic, all vegan.

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Delicious kelp-based broths or soup bases. Equally beneficial for mind & body!

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Organic Seasonings

Give your meal a kelp-based umami boost with, antioxidant and mineral-rich organic seaweed salts and seasonings. More kelp means less sodium.

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Sauces & Dressings

Organic, vegan, gluten free and soy-free sauces & dressings deliciously perfect for salads, marinades, dips, stir-frys, and more!

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Deep Sea Waters

This delicious, refreshing drink contains deep sea water loaded with natural electrolytes, and kelp extract for additional nutrients & minerals.

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