Turning the tide, together.

We’re thrilled and proud to announce our new partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, an incredible organization that works tirelessly to inspire conservation of our oceans.

We’re now donating 2% of our profits to their Children’s Education Fund, which makes it possible for school children to visit the aquarium for free (the only aquarium in the country to do so!) and to help instill a deep appreciation for the oceans in future generations.

It takes an ocean
to raise a great snack.

Seaweed farms require no fresh water, no deforestation, and no fertilizer.

A seaweed farm roughly the size of Washington state could provide enough protein for everybody in the world.

Today, oceans account for over 70% of the earth’s surface, but only contribute 2% of our food. We’re ready to change that!

Four Dads® on a mission.

  • Our story starts with two dads who grew up on potato chips and two dads who grew up on seaweed. In 2011, the four of us thought: what if we could make a chip that’s tasty and good for you at the same time?

  • So, we experimented in our own kitchens, and did lots of taste testing with our families. Dozens of versions later, we knew we had it: a chip that tastes great and is healthy for you.

    Since then we added two more seaweed snacks to our lineup.

  • All our snacks are packed with vitamins and minerals and have none of the bad stuff like GMOs, trans fats or artificial anything. And guess what? Because seaweed is farmed in the ocean with sunlight, our snacks are a whole lot better for the planet than other snacks out there.

  • We're really proud of Ocean's Halo snacks, and we know that your families will love them as much as ours.

Mike Shim

“Seaweed is a truly miracle superfood. It requires no fertilizer, no soil, no pesticides, no weeding and no watering. And because it grows remarkably quickly – up to 6 inches a day – it’s a great source of long-term, sustainable food supply.”

Robert Mock

“We are absolutely committed to creating new, delicious and innovative products with seaweed, one of the planet’s most sustainable food sources. We’re also committed to giving back to improve the awareness about risks to our oceans.”

Shin Rhee

“When I was growing up, seaweed was on the dinner table every night. It’s great to be creating the same healthy goodness for my own kids in snacks and other foods they love.”

Michael Buckley

“We’re proud that seaweed is a source of many important nutrients for people, and that it’s also healthy for the planet. From reducing ocean acidity to literally removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, seaweed’s benefits are only beginning to be fully understood.”

Let’s continue exploring together.

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