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5 Ecofriendly Superfoods

The Sea Salt Seaweed Snacks are a light but satisfying alternative to potato chips, with only a touch of sunflower oil and sea salt. Read Sierra Club article.

Seaweed could be a miracle food—if we can figure out how to make it taste good.

With the natural-foods market growing faster than the conventional one, Shim thinks the seaweed-snack business can develop along the lines of coconut water, which is now a billion-dollar industry. Read the New Yorker Article.

Ocean Greens: The Least Deadliest Catch

Ocean’s Halo released a full line of nori chips, pushing to make kelp a viable alternative to snack foods. Read Huffington Post article.

As seaweed snacks gain popularity, they present a chance to get in at ground level, expert says

Seaweed snacks are riding a rising tide in the U.S. with sales swelling between $250 million and $500 million in 2014, according to an industry trends expert. Read Food Navigator Article.

Market Drivers in Vegan and Vegetarian Foods

After noticing the popularity of sriracha, an Asian chili sauce, Ocean’s Halo distributor New Frontier Foods Inc., Burlingame, CA, released sriracha flavors for both its seaweed sheet and chip categories. Read Whole Foods Magazine article. 

49 New Snacks That Will Make Grocery Shopping a Taste-Bud Trip

You know what the next kale chip is? Seaweed. You’ll be seeing seaweed snacks all over the place this year, so be sure to pick up a pack that’s actually good. Read Popsugar article.

Gim fad the beginning of huge U.S. business

Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are cracker-type snacks with nuts and almonds added to cater to the appetites of U.S. consumers. Read Korea Joongang Daily article.

just-food’s pick: Top ten on-trend products at Natural Products Expo West

With the word “healthy” becoming ever important, people are looking for better-for-you snacks to replace the usual potato chips and chocolate. Read just-food article.

Snack makers take a fresh look at healthful fare

The dads started Ocean’s Halo, a company that introduced the Seaweed Chip, a crunchy green ribbon built for dipping. Read the Los Angeles Times article.

Compostable pouch is perfect fit for seaweed chips

New Frontier Foods selects a pouch package made from compostable wood pulp that matches its Ocean’s Halo brand identity. Read the Packaging World article.

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