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Ocean’s Halo to Make Waves in the Broth Category

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Attacking The Grocery Shelves: 120+ Food & Beverage Startups

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Trailblazer Girls Finds Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Snacks and Strips

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Ocean’s Halo at Chico Natural Foods Co-op

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7 Brands That Will Help Your Store Become a Snack Destination

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Top Trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show 2017

A first-of-its-kind Dark Chocolate Seaweed Strip, loved by all at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Read the Hubba article.

6 Tasty Trends from the 2017 Fancy Food Show

People are loving the savory-sweet flavor and crispy texture of our newChocolate Seaweed Strips. Read Interact article.

Top 10 trends at the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show

San Francisco’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show is a success with people finding a new love in the Chocolate and Seaweed combo. Read Record-Bee article.

Products We Love: Almond Seaweed Strips

Hubba’s mission is to uncover the world’s most interesting brands for retailers and influencers, including Ocean’s Halo! Read Hubbas article.

Attacking The Grocery Shelves: 93 Food & Beverage Startups In One Infographic

With increased global focus on health and natural eating, smaller food companies have grown in recent years. Read CBInsights article.

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